Wednesday, January 7, 2009

It's been a while...

That seems to be a theme with my blogs doesn't it? I go weeks without blogging and then I remember that its been weeks so I get online to blog and realize I have a TON to write about! I guess we should start off with the holidays since I last left off at Halloween.

Thanksgiving was great. I ate A LOT! So I went off of my diet for the holidays a little bit. Honestly, who doesn't?? Who can tell me with all honesty that they stuck to their diet 100% during the holidays? Well I sure couldn't! I did get very lucky though and I only managed to gain back 1 lb of what I had lost. I don't have any idea how I only gained back 1 lb, but hey I'm not gonna argue with my scale! Alex loved Thanksgiving dinner. His favorite was the fruit salad that I always make. Go figure! He loves his fruit. After Thanksgiving dinner, we all sat around and relaxed and watched a Christmas Story. Its usually a tradition. Then the next day, we decorated for Christmas.

Christmas was wonderful too. I did uphold all of the traditions I wanted to with Alex. We looked at Christmas lights on Christmas Eve and opened up one present before bed. Alex loved it!

Then we got ready for bed and I let him color or "write a note to Santa" :o)

And then it was time for bed and we read "Twas the Night Before Christmas"

The next morning when Alex woke up, we opened presents and then had breakfast. The rest of the day was spent enjoying time with the family and watching a Christmas Story and other Christmas movies. Here are a few pics of opening presents.

The holidays were great and I'm kinda sad to see them gone.

Alex has been chatting up a storm. He has been saying new words like crazy. He can make the sounds for a cow, duck, and sheep and dog. He has a book of "first words" and he can say a few, but he can point out everything in that book. He is so smart! He does a whole dance to the Blue's Clues theme song too. Its so adorable! I have yet to get that on video the whole way through though because every time I bring out the camera he stops dancing. :o)

Last Saturday night he had a little accident. He was running from the living room into the hallway and right where it turns to tile in the hallway he fell and he bit all the way through his bottom lip. It was awful. There was blood everywhere and he was screaming so much. I felt horrible and all the blood really freaked me out. I immediately wanted to take him to the ER, but we were able to get the bleeding to stop within 5 minutes. I called the ER and they said there probably wouldn't be too much they could do for it, but if we wanted to bring him in we could. We decided against it because it wasn't bad enough to need stitches. In fact its almost healed already. I do have some pictures of his lip the next day, but they are still on my camera. I will post them soon.

Scott found out on Monday that he may be losing his job. The company he works for is contracted through the Marine Corps. Well because his company bought out another company, they are now considered a "large" company. The time came at the beginning of this month to renew their contract with the Marine Corps. But because they are now considered a "large" company, they have to be in the contract with a smaller company. In the end Scotts company only got a small percentage of the contract, whereas another one got the majority of it. Scotts place of work will be going from 36 positions to 14 and they are going to be keeping the people that have been there the longest. I was defintely freaked out and scared at what would happen if he were to lose his job. However, things are starting to look a little better. The other company that got the contract will have 60 new positions open up-16 of which are what Scott does (flight line mechanic) and he has a pretty good chance of getting a job with them. We won't know the final outcome for a couple of weeks because there is a probationary period or something with the contract to be completely finalized. Its so confusing! But everything with the military is :o) I should have known that from when he was enlisted in the Marine Corps.

Anywho, that about sums up the last few months for us. I hope to do better about updating this. We will see how that goes :)