Friday, October 24, 2008

I have to watch what I say from now on

Alex is becoming so independent. He is turning into a little person. Now I know he has always been a little person, but with him now walking/running, understanding the things we say and talking, he seems more like a little person now. Alex's first word was "dada" and has now progressed to "Daddy". His second word was "mama" but he has yet to say "Mommy". His favorite word is "doggy" comes out more like "dah-gi", but we know he is saying doggy because he says it and points to the dogs. He loves dogs. I definitely think he is going to be an animal lover just like his Mommy! He loves watching the birds fly around outside with Grandpa and when we took him to Sea World last month he couldn't keep his eyes off all of the animals there.

Now the reason I titled this blog "I have to watch what I say from now on" is because he has also entered into a mimicking phase. Anything we say or do he tries to say or copy. For instance, yesterday I yelled "No!" at the dogs and Alex proceeded to chase the dogs yelling "no!". Also he learned from his Daddy how to wave his hand in front of his nose saying "stinky" when he has pooped. Could this be a step towards potty training?? :o) Some of his other favorite words or sayings include: "stop it", "moo" for what a cow says, "shhh" for when he is telling the dogs not to bark, "that"-comes out more like "dat".

My little boy is growing so quickly. I am trying to cherish all of these times when he is little because I have learned how fast time flies. Before I know it, he will be talking all the time and potty trained and going to preschool. Gosh I feel old!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I'm officially..

in the holiday mood. The holidays are my favorite time of year. As soon as Halloween rolls around I start to get very excited because that means it will soon be Thanksgiving and soon after that Christmas!!! I LOVE CHRISTMAS! Just all the pretty lights and decorations and wonderful music and cool weather and well just everything about the Christmas season warms my heart. I get it from my Mother. My childhood has the best memories of decorating the house the day after Thanksgiving...a tradition that still stands to this day. We always listen to Christmas music and eat leftover pie from Thanksgiving and sip hot chocolate (with marshmallows) while we decorate. Another memory is decorating the Christmas tree. This was my favorite part! Then when it was all decorated we would always layout our sleeping bags and pillows and sleep by the pretty Christmas tree that first night. Baking Christmas cookies is a fond memory as well. Also going to look at Christmas lights on Christmas eve. There are so many I just can't list them all. I can't wait to carry on these traditions and also to create new ones with Alex. Last year at Christmas time he was only 3 1/2 months old so he didn't really know what was going on. This year is going to be so much fun. He is going to love all of the lights and the tree and everything. I'm going to have a fun time chasing him away from the decorations and the tree!

But I also want to talk about Halloween since it is only half-way through October. We got Alex's costume last weekend and we also went to the Pumpkin Patch. He had so much fun running around touching all of the pumpkins and trying to pick them up and carry them. Here is a picture of Alex in his costume..hes going to be a Pug dog:

And here are a few from the Pumpkin Patch:

Helping Daddy carry his Pumpkin

I want this one!

The pumpkin was bigger than him!

Finally got him to look at the camera!

Here is a video of him walking around getting excited about all of the pumpkins. Him and the little girl at the end kept running to the same pumpkins and they would just stare at each other. He already attracts all the ladies :o)

So with only 2 months and 2 days left until Christmas....I better get shopping!