Sunday, November 9, 2008

A little bit late...but so worth the wait!

I have been horrible at posting about Halloween and what fun we had Trick or Treating with Alex. I wasn't sure how well he would do since he refused to take a second nap that day, but he did wonderfully!

Alex & Daddy Getting Ready to Go!

We went up to a neighborhood right near us that is a little bit quieter. It has 3 cul-de-sacs right next to each other and there aren't really cars driving on them unless the people live there. They also do a big Christmas lights display on all of these cul-de-sacs every year called Candy Cane Lane. Its wonderful and I can't wait to take Alex around to see all the lights this year. But back to Halloween (one holiday at a time!).

The cutest Pug doggy ever!

Starting to get sleepy

Having so much fun!

He did so well and had such a great time. He caught onto the concept of Trick or Treating really well. After a few houses he was knocking on the doors himself and sticking his hand into each bowl that someone held out to pick out his own piece of candy. We did have a few people who I could tell were a little upset that we were at their house trying to get candy since Alex is so little. They probably figured we were doing it just so Mommy & Daddy could eat the candy. That was never my intention at all. We were just trying to create memories for us with Alex and letting Alex have a good time. In fact most of his candy went to his Aunt and Uncle since Mommy & Daddy are on a diet.

All in all the night went great and Alex had a wonderful time. Now I can't wait to see his reaction to all of the Christmas decorations and events.

Monday, November 3, 2008

My New Adventure

Well, since yesterday, I am officially "dieting". I gained 40 lbs when I was pregnant with Alex and right after having him about 25 of that went away very easily. Well the other 15 lbs has stuck around. I kept hoping that if I just ignored it long enough it too would go away. Boy was I wrong! For about the past two months I have tried to get the weight to start coming off by eating better and walking daily. I lost a couple of pounds, but seemed to keep putting it back on. After a few days of doing well, I would fall back into a rut and go back to eating whatever and drinking soda (my big downfall). This was all until a friend of mine introduced me to It is a wonderful website that has TONS of tools to help you lose weight and maintain your weight loss. Its basically the same "diet" as Weight Watchers, however you are counting calories instead of using points. It has a nutrition calculator where you can put in everything you eat and it totals your calories, fat, protein, carbs, etc. It also has an exercise calculator where you record everything you do to can even count playing with your children or housework :o) When you first sign up it asks you how much you weigh now and what your weight loss goals are and when you want to be at that goal. It then creates a "program" for you to help you to know how many calories you can eat in a day and how many you need to burn throughout the week in order to get to your goal. They provide meal plans if you want them, but you do not have to use them. It is teaching me portion control and that way I don't have to give up the foods I love..I just have to eat them in smaller portions. I definitely think this is going to be that extra motivation I have needed to get those last 15 lbs off. Scott has joined forces with me and is working towards his goal as well. He put on a few pounds-I think it was sympathy weight-during my pregnancy. We both want to get back to where we were when we met and we have a goal to do that by our 4th Anniversary in February. We said if we both make it to that goal we are going to reward ourselves with an Anniversary weekend away.

So I guess this was my way of promoting at the same time. :o) No seriously though, I think everyone should check out their site. They have so many tools and things to help you along your weight loss journey! Even if you are just looking to drop a couple pounds. They have great recipes and tons of articles, videos, blogs. Go check them out and if you join..add me as a username is Sarahmay143.