Friday, March 5, 2010

Days 318-320

Dear Daddy,

Wednesday we spent the day at home. Mommy cleaned the house and I played with my toys and of course helped her clean. She even let me have one of her cleaning gloves to wear so I could be like her. :) After cleaning we ate lunch and played and then I took a nap. After nap, Papa and Grandma came over to see me. I had a good time playing with them. Papa helped Mommy kill a big black widow spider in the garage. You know how Mommy is afraid of spiders. After they left we ate dinner, took a bath and then I went to bed.

Thursday we had swimming lessons. Miss Lori asked Mommy to sit on the other side of the pool because I seem to do better when Mommy isn't right where I am. Mommy is a little sad about this, but I don't mind. I had fun playing with my friends in my class. Then we went home and ate lunch and then i took a nap. Mommy worked out while I took a nap and then we played until dinner time. After dinner it was bath time and then bed time.

Today we went to the grocery store to get a few things and then went home and ate lunch. Then Mommy took a nap with me because she had a headache. Then when we got up you were online so Mommy talked to you and I played. Then we went to dinner with Papa and Grandma and Uncle Curt.

I love you and miss you Daddy. So do Mommy and Lana.


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