Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Day 310

Dear Daddy,
Today I had swimming so after we got up and had breakfast we got ready to go. I got there and was having a hard time adjusting. Mommy thinks it was because Miss Lori had been gone the week before and not only that, but the pool was so busy today! Everyone is starting their lessons again. Mommy had said this was going to be the last set of lessons, but she said she is going to go ahead and do another set of lessons so you can go when you get home :)

After swimming we went home and ate lunch. I had a grilled cheese and some fruit and Mommy had a turkey wrap and some fruit. It was yummy!

After lunch I couldn't take a nap because we had to take Lana to the vet. She was due for her shots. I was not a good boy for Mommy at the vet. I was not listening at all. She was not happy with me, but hey I'm 2 1/2 what do you expect? :)

I love you and miss you Daddy. So do Mommy and Lana.


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